Black Girls Rock Fashion

Psssst! You don’t know it but I’m a rock star, baby! Yes! I! Am! Full on Metallica listening, screaming at the top of my lungs, Nirvana loving rock star. Yep, black girls rock too! What, y’all didn’t know black girls rock?!

Well let me run it down for you. Tracee Ellis Ross, rock star. June Ambrose, rock star. Beverly Bond, rock star. Yours truly, freaking rock star.

You don’t have to kick down doors, rock purple hair, and have every orifice (known to man) pierced to be a rock star. Nope, it’s all about how you feel inside and exude yourself.

That being said, if you have an inner rock star and you want to bring her out in all her fabulosity, then voilà! These two outfits scream, “I’m a bad shut you mouth chick!” So throw some caution to the wind, and take your rock star from inner to outer. Oh, and when you’re done the world will know that black girls rock! 

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P.S. How ridiculously fabulous are the Isabel Marant High-Top Sneakers. What?! I literally drool over them every time one pops up in my Pinterest feed. They are what fashion dreams are made of.

What do you think of Black Girls Rock?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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Yelp Atlanta at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

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It’s good to be an Elite! (P.S. That’s Miss Foodie Fash in the purple with the Kool-Aid Smile)

As you can tell by the pics, I’m a Yelper. In fact, I’m a Yelp Elite. Yes, *pinky in the air* I mean you did know you were in the presence of fabulosity?! *wink*

If you are not aware of Yelp, please run your fingers over to their site. It’s a wonderful site where you can meet new friends, find the best places to eat, and if you’re really lucky you can find your future soul mate. Okay, kidding on the last part, its soooo not a dating site. Granted, there has been an actual Yelp wedding, and one or two couples have gotten hitched after bonding on a Yelp talk board…but again, it’s not a dating site and you didn’t hear that from me.

Anywhoo, last Thursday Yelp Atlanta threw an elite event at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill in Peachtree Hills. The event ranks as my favorite Yelp event thus far, and let me tell you there has been some amazing Yelp events in the past. The service was amazing! The staff was attentive, informative, and nice enough to fire up vegetarian tacos (after I inquired if vegetarian options were on the menu for the night).

As for the food, let me hold my drool. There was sooo much food. At one point I started clapping and singing, “Hercules Hercules!” I felt like I was at a repass. Okay, I have to shake my head at myself for that, but you people who know about a repass know exactly what I’m talking about. So don’t be judging me!

There was a salsa bar that had the hottest Habanero salsa I’ve ever tasted, a gallery of every hot sauce you could ever think of or want, tacos, Mexican desert, beer, wine, and margaritas. Lime Fresh Mexican Grill really outdid their selves for the elites.

I enjoyed myself so much that I will be a return customer in the future.

Have you eaten at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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Happiness Is Not A Destination

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My mother gave me this picture some Christmases back. When I saw it I had, what Queen Oprah herself calls, an “A Ha Moment!” Happiness is not a destination.

I always thought of life as a journey, and that we all have our individual roads to travel, but I always felt happiness was some sort of destination. Like, “If I lose 60 pounds I’ll be happy.” “When I graduate with a PsyD degree I’ll be happy.” “If everyone could recognize my greatness, I’ll be very happy!” Okay, the last one was a joke….or was it?!

Moral of my story is, happiness will not arrive because you do this or that. No, happiness is dependent on you. You decide if you’re happy or not, and your state of happiness is not dependent on WHAT you do, but HOW you are. Ohhh, now that was deep. *scribbles that down for later*

How do you view happiness?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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Elegance Never Fades

One of my favorite Audrey Hepburn quote is, “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades!” 
Elegance is the one beauty that never fades long after age and time takes over. Put elegance on your beauty list.





Do you have a favorite Audrey Hepburn quote?



 XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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