Sol Oasis Spa Night

One thing I love about blogging is having the opportunity to attend a blogger meetup, and my first event with the Blog Fab Fashionistas (BFFs) was full of  pampering and gut busting laughter.

The Blog Fab Fashionista group was created by Oh Nikka for bloggers to network with one another, and local business, via a tweetup (a group of people meeting up at the same place to live tweet the event they are experiencing together).

The “Pampered & Martinis: Night of Luxury” was the first BFF blogger meetup I attended. 

From the moment I walked into the blogger meetup at Sol Oasis I felt welcomed.

During the blogger meetup I was treated to a mini manicure, mini facial, and a chair massages by the Sol Oasis owner and staff.

Blogger Meetup

Niki’s mani, Tia getting the kinks worked out, Ally’s pedi, and Lynn’s facial

There was also tasty bites on hand, Lemon Drop martinis, and fresh fruit infused water.

The martinis were one of the hits of the night and I have the outtake pictures to prove it, but I’d have to kill you if I shared them. *wink*

If you follow me on Instagram you know I purchased the most fabulous spiked bracelet from a fellow BLM Girl, Lynn, I can’t wait to wear.

I also met my new blogger bff in my head, Cha’Kiva, at the tweetup. Cha’Kiva designs handbags and accessories and was rocking a pair of her custom creations at the tweetup.

Lakeisha Dixon, author of “The Victorious State of Mind,” was also present to discuss her new book. Lakeisha is a powerful speaker and almost had me doing the “ugly cry” and “church sway” when she graced us with a lovely inspiring poem.

Not to be out done by the inspirational book and fabulous accessories, Sophia Soso Harris-Starnes provided us all with a sample of her soo soo tasty cake balls.

P.S. I totally want to do a ball joke, but my momma may be reading this. *waves* Hey mommy!

Blogger Meetup

Lynn and her accessory, The Spoiled Diva, LaKeisha and I, and Soo Soo Tasty

In addition to the night of pampering, Nikka raffled off several prizes, and everyone left the blogger meetup with a goodie bag stuffed with nail polish and a Carol’s Daughter sample.

BFF Tweetup

IMG_1602 - Copy IMG_1588 - Copy

Have you ever been to a blogger meetup?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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Across the Street Restaurant Review

Okay before y’all start, yes I’ve been a bad blogger. Supposedly you are supposed to have an editorial board, post three times a week, set a post rhythm, yada yada, muah muah muah. To that I say, pppphhhht!

I promise to do better in the future, but hey shit happens.

You still love me though, right?! Don’t make me start singing the Barney song to you.

I will. You. Know. I. Will.

Recently the mister and I went out to eat at a local Mexican food restaurant.

To say I wish we had went somewhere else, other than Across the Street, would be the understatement of the year.

Le sigh, the food and service was terrible.

I have been known to devour no less than two baskets of chips and salsa, in one seating, but I guess there is a first for everything.

Across the Street’s chips were stale, and I don’t even have the words to describe how sub par the salsa was.

Across the Street, Chips and Salsa, Mexican Food

I ordered a Coronarita and instead received a “What the heck is that” drink!

Across the Street’s version of a Coronarita is a weak margarita, mixed with a bit of Corona, and a can of Corona on the side.

That’s not a Coronarita, that’s a margarita with a Corona on the side.

First off, I don’t like to drink beer out of a can. Second, what happened to presentation?!

This is a proper Coronarita

Coronarita Not, this!

Across the Street, Coronarita

Yes, I’m a Coronarita snob. Feel free to judge.

The food was also bland and flavorless, which was shocking because in the past Across the Street had a better quality of food.

They were never “Hold my mule while I shout and slap my momma” delicious, but they were pretty good.

I’m not sure if they got a new chef or changed their recipes, but neither my husband or I was impressed.

He ordered a chimichanga and I ordered the three fish taco plate, both were sadly underwhelming.

Being a Californian, I know good fish tacos. Across the Street’s are not in that category.

Across the Street, Beans and Rice, Burrito, Mexican Food

All in all, from the food to the unwelcoming attitude of the staff, I was not impressed with my visit to Across the Street.

However, one monkey don’t stop my show, and Atlanta has many more Mexican restaurants to choose from.

Have you ever eaten at Across the Street? What did you think?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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P.S. If you like to try your hand at a Coronarita at home, here’s a fabulous recipe to try.

Across the Street on Urbanspoon

How to Make Pizza Cones

So, I ran across this picture on Facebook of  pizza cones that let me know three things: 

Jesus is real, He sits on the throne, and He’s the biggest foodie EVER!

pizza cones, pizza

I mean really, how can you explain pizza cones and for one second deny that Jesus isn’t the biggest foodie in the universe?!

I’ll wait, but this pic is my evidence, and I’m pretty sure the defense rests!

Being the gracious blogger that I am *curtsies*, I shared the picture with my peeps on my Facebook Fan Page.

Honaaaaay, are you talking about the mozzarella hitting the fan?! Get it, mozzarella. It goes on pizza. *blank stare, slow blink, crickets*

Anywhoo, people wanted to know where they could order pizza cones and why I would post such a thing of greatness.

Instant drooling was had all over the internet.

Wait, pause. That sounded funny, but y’all know what I mean.

I told everyone I’m sure it could be found on Pinterest. I mean really, short of the “Meaning of Life,” what can’t be found on Pinterest?! I scoured Pinterest and found many pins, but most of them looked like this:

pizza cones, pizza

Or, that:
pizza cones, pizza

That wasn’t good enough for me, so I kept on searching. Then, the heavens opened. I think at some point a dove flew down too, but I could just have been imagining. *shrug*

I can’t wait to try this out! This ranks high on my fabulosity scale! 



P.S. Sur La Table is selling their Pizza Cones Set for $11.99. That’s a steal!

Have you ever tried pizza cones?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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Wine Tasting with Yelp Atlanta

If you follow Miss Foodie Fash on Instagram, and/or Twitter, you know I’m a big Yelper.

I’m always telling people about Yelp, and I encourage everyone to use the site, review, and submit to become a Yelp Elite.

Yelp Elites have the opportunity to attend fabulous Yelp events like the recent wine tasting at Generous Pour Wine.

During the Yelp wine tasting I sipped nine of George Miliotes, Master Sommelier, favorite wines.

Lunetta Rose, Chateau Du Pin, and Kanu Kia Ora were a selection of wines I sampled.

My favorite wine at the wine tasting was the Kanu Kia Ora. The Kanu Kia Ora is a Chenin Blanc desert wine and it is perfect to end an evening meal.

In addition to the wine tasting, light bites were served.

Filet Mignon sliders, a variety of vegetables, cheeses, and tarts were a sample of the delectable items which floated around on silver platters. Side note, please re-read that last sentence with your pinky in the air. Thank you!

The Yelp Elites and their plus ones really cleaned up for the event, and as usual I spied two lovely curvy fashions that did it oh so well.

In addition, I spotted many attendees in the most current summer styles. My Yelper pal, Nekiba, was right on trend with her neon necklace. I made a beeline to ask were she purchased it from, she said Tar’jay (Target for all us commoners).

Y’all know where I’ll be going soon.

Take a peek of my Instagram pics of the event!

Yelp Generous Pour Wine Tasting

Have you ever been to a wine tasting?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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