Turning Up the Heat with G Garvin

When I heard the Cooking Channel would be touching down in Atlanta on their Summer Eats road trip, in celebration of their second anniversary, I knew I had to be in attendance.

I mean free food, drinks, and live music is all up and through my alley.

However, there was another much more fabulous reason why Miss Foodie Fash had to be at Summer Eats: Chef G Garvin aka “The LL Cool J of Cooking.”

I’m pretty sure not too many chefs have stans. I mean Beyonce, she has stans. But a chef?! Naw! Well honey I’m introducing to you Chef. G. Garvin’s #1 Stan!

You’re probably thinking, “Girl stop it!”

I’m so so serious. I stan for three people: Jesus, Jay-Z, and Chef G Garvin.

In fact when I told the mister G Garvin was going to be at Atlanta’s Summer Eats, he told me “Now please don’t get locked up because you busted out a butterfly in front of G. Garvin.”

I laughed, I mean really who would do that?! Anyway, the butterfly fly is old, everybody knows I tootsie roll.

Kathryn from Frank P.R. was gracious enough to let me sit down with Chef G Garvin and, the host of the Cooking Channel’s new series “Eden Eats,” Eden Grinshpan while at Summer Eats.

G Garvin is just as cool, and LL Cool J fine, off-screen as he is onscreen.

I told him I was super happy he was back on air as the host of the Cooking Channel’s “Road Trip With G. Garvin,” and we chatted about food, music, and relationships.

Yes, y’all know I had to ask my boo in my head if he had a boo.

G Garvin is an Atlanta native but for the past several years he has lived in Los Angeles. One of his favorite LA restaurants is Nobu, but he let me know he appreciates a good hole in the wall restaurant meal as well. One of the styles of food Chef G said many people may be surprised he loves to cook the most is French cuisine. This wasn’t too much of a surprise because many of his foods, even his southern dishes, have a French flair to them.

I asked Chef G if he ever experienced any issues as a chef who didn’t attend a formal culinary school, from chefs that did. Ever the smooth dude G Garvin told me he never experienced any issues, because if someone had a problem it was the other person’s problem and not his. As far as music Chef G says he likes to listen to LL Cool J (but of course), DMX, and Ludacris when he is hitting up the gym.

Speaking of the gym, Chef G definitely has the guns to prove it and his arms are tatted up to show of all the hard work he puts in there. When it came to the topic of relationships I loved the way the biggest smile appeared on Chef G’s face when he told me about his special lady friend and how well she is with his daughter.

I told Chef G I heard wedding bells in the future and was expecting to see a full wedding special from the Cooking Channel.

Eden Grishpan is one of the most down to earth people I’ve had the opportunity to interview. During Eden’s interview I felt like I was having a chat with one of my girlfriends.

Eden and I talked traveling, style, and of course food. Eden is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and a Canada native.

After graduating from culinary school Eden traveled the globe and went to India to volunteer at an orphanage, Ramanas Garden. While at Ramanas Garden Eden reopened the orphanage’s café and taught Ramanas Garden’s children basic culinary skills. After returning home Eden submitted a tape to the Cooking Channel about her experience, and from there she became the host of her own traveling show to find global cuisine in cities across the US, “Eden Eats.”

Eden loves to travel and her love for culture is reflected in her fashion style.

Although her style is super casual girl next door, and she loves to thrift, Eden also loves to dress up. One of Eden’s favorite ways to dress up is in traditional garments honoring the places she has visited over the years.

As far as food, Eden isn’t afraid to try anything and her most favorite meal was at an open air food market in Bangkok.

Eden calls Manhattan home, although her favorite borough for food is Queens, and she loves cooking Moroccan food at home with spices she purchased at Dual Specialty Store in the East Village.

I had to give it to Eden, I was all ready impressed with her love for travel and culture, but she really blew me away when she said she is a beer girl. At that point she instantly became my new best friend, because you don’t find too many women who love beer, and I let her know she has a plate of red velvet pancakes with her name on it from Highland Bakery the next time she’s in town.

G Garvin and Eden Grinshpan Interview

Chilling with Chef G Garvin and Eden.

Doesn’t Chef G Garvin look like LL Cool J?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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