Sun in My Belly Restaurant Review & Blogger Brunch

A while back my blogger boo Monet from Curls and Mo came to visit Atlanta, and while she was visiting I planned a brunch for  ourselves and several other Atlanta bloggers at Sun in My Belly. 

Sun in My Belly had been on my Yelp bookmark list for a while and I was glad to be able to check it off my long list of places to eat in Atlanta. 

Parking at Sun in My Belly is a bit hard on the weekends because it is in a residential area and your choices are either street parking or parking in the lot behind Sun in My Belly. And if you don’t know exactly where Sun in My Belly is located and you blink, you’ll miss the minuscule sign at the top of the restaurant. 

Also, Sun in My Belly is serious about their reservations. If you aren’t on time they will kindly call you and let you know your reservation will be canceled. However they are more than accommodating to make sure you are seated as soon as possible. 

I ordered Sun in My Belly’s Belly Benedict which is a twist on the traditional Eggs Benedict. The Belly Benedict is two poached eggs with chipotle hollandaise sitting atop a sweet potato and honey glazed bacon hash and sautéed spinach, served with a buttermilk biscuit.  

Sun in My Belly Brunch

Although the hollandaise sauce was supposed to be made with chipotle, I didn’t taste a hint of heat. That was rather disappointing because one of the reasons I ordered the Belly Benedict is I love anything made with chipotle. 

Also, I didn’t detect the honey glazed bacon in the hash. By now you know I love bacon so that was definitely a fail for me. I would prefer if Sun in My Belly used thicker chunks of bacon. Whatever bacon they did use got lost in the shuffle of the hash. 

However the combination of the spinach and sweet potatoes was spectacular, and the poached eggs were perfect. 

I plan to recreate this dish at home in the future, but I’ll be sure to use a thick cut of bacon in my version of the Belly Benedict. 

Eggs Benedict with a twist.

Whenever I look for places to eat in Atlanta for brunch one of my must requirements is a place that has affordable mimosas, because ya know I like sipping on a budget.

Trina, of the Baby Shopaholic, and I split a carafe of mimosas. The carafe was less than $20 and came with a full bottle of champagne. For the price of their mimosas alone I give Sun in My Belly a thumbs up as one of the brunch places to eat in Atlanta.

The mimosas definitely put smiles on the faces of Trina and I! 

Blogger Brunch at Sun in My Belly

Service was okay at Sun in My Belly. Our waitress seemed more interested in getting details on Monet’s hair than making sure we had everything we needed at our table. At one point I had to get up and find my own hot sauce after a prolonged wait. But other than that, our waitress was pleasant. 

I forgot to take pics of the decor, but Sun in My Belly’s decor and atmosphere is hip and jazzy.

Customers looked like they were Team Brunch Hard elites, and the sound system was cranking out the best oldies from The Temptations and more.

Sun in My Belly is definitely one of the places to eat in Atlanta that you put a little effort in you attire to enjoy bites and sips with friends, and I had a blast at my blogger brunch with these beauties. 

Blogger Brunch at Sun in My Belly

 What’s your requirement for a place to brunch at?  

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab!  


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Mi Cocina Restaurant Review

Mi Cocina is a Tex-Mex restaurant with several locations in Texas and the South East.

Let’s just pause right there.

Tex. Mex. Food.

I mean there is Mexican food, and then there everything else.

In fact, when I saw Mi Cocina was labeled as a Tex-Mex restaurant I was like, “Oh boy here we go, another Tex-Mex restaurant. Blah!”

However, since I had sampled Mi Cocina’s impressive ceviche and tamales at The Taste of Atlanta, I sucked up my dislike for all things Tex-Mex and headed down to Midtown.

When I stepped into Mi Cocina I was taken aback by the decor. Typically when I think of a Tex-Mex restaurant I think of kitschy. Like spurs and cowboy boots dancing from the ceilings.

Ya know, stuff you wouldn’t be caught dead with hanging in your kitchen.

Mi Cocina Tex Mex Restaurant

The decor in Mi-Cocina is definitely not kitschy. Probably due to the fact it’s in Midtown. I mean Midtown don’t play that.

Mi Cocina is bright, sleek, and airy. Oh, and their bathroom is very nice.

Yes, I judge restaurant bathrooms. You will deal.

Fresh Guacamole

I do not care for Mi Cocina’s guacamole. Although it has a great presentation, it needs a bit more zing and salt.

Mi Cocina’s ceviche on the other hand has the perfect amount of sweet and chunky mango, shrimp, fresh avocados, and crunchy jicama. 

Mango Ceviche

The salsa at Mi Cocina is super spicy, with visible chili seeds, and it’s served in individual servings.

Which by the way individual salsa servings is like the smartest thing ever, because I don’t like to share my salsa. Period. 

Chicken Taquitos

Mi Cocina’s Crispy Chicken Verde Enchiladas are actually taquitos, or what some people call flatuas, and they live up to the crispy in their name.

The enchiladas come with a simple side salad, avocado, and Spanish rice that my husband says, “Tasted like it came from a hole in the wall.”

Note, that’s the best compliment ever from a Southern Californian, because Mexican food from Southern-California hole-in-the walls kill. Sometimes, even literally. 

Catch that shade. 

Grilled Chicken Tamales

Mi Cocina’s Grilled Chicken Breast Tamale is essentially a plate of grilled chicken breast served with a sweet corn tamale on the side.

Mi Cocina’s tamales are excellent, and alone they can make a repeat customer out of anyone. The masa has the perfect texture and consistency, and it is very sweet.

Carne Asada

My husband ordered the Carne Asada, also known to gringos as a rib eye steak.  

Mi Cocina’s carne asada is served with a bowl of bean soup, with bits of ham in it, that is so damn good that it reminds me of my grandmother’s brown beans.

I asked my husband if he liked his carne asada, and he said, “I like it.”

Yes, he is a man of many words!

Personally I thought Mi Cocina’s carne asada was a bit too tough. But hey, what do I know?!


Mi Cocina has several options for desert. Pralines and flan were two choices that stood out for me, but when I asked my waiter which to order he enthusiastically said, “The flan!’

Mi Cocina’s flan is probably the best flan I’ve ever had at a restaurant. 

The flan is smooth and velvety on the palate, and it sits delicately on the edge of sweet perfection and sweetness overload.

I confess I did a couple of quick head turns, to make sure no one was looking at me, and slurped the caramel sauce off my plate.

Don’t judge me, Jesus doesn’t like judgers. 

As far as service, it is a bit disjointed. There was some lags in service and getting drink refills, but the staff and management are friendly.

Oh, and ladies there is eye candy up in Mi Cocina, and I don’t mean the candied pralines if ya know what I’m saying. 

If you go I’d suggest going during lunch, because Mi Cocina validates parking for 2 hours. If not, you will pay a whopping $12 to park in the garage. And, that was just for 2 hours.

Let me not fail to mention Mi Cocina has a full bar. No drink specials unfortunately, but hopefully in time that will change. 

Mambo Taxi Frozen Margarita

I ordered a Mambo Taxi, a frozen margarita made with Sauza Blanco Tequila and house-made sangria, and for $10 it packs a punch and gives a nice buzz. 

Overall I recommend Mi Cocina in Midtown Atlanta for lunch or dinner, even if they hadn’t comped my meal, and I’ll be back to visit them again for more Mambo Taxis and tamales.


What do you think, will you be visiting Mi Cocina in a city near you?

 XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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Yum Bunz Restaurant Review

You ever been so excited about something that you turn into an online stalker, hitting up every social media platform you can think of to find out more information?!

No, just me?! Judging all ready I see. Oh.

Okay. I see how this post is going to go.

Anywhoo, I admit I became a teensy bit obsessed when I heard through the foodie grapevine Yum Bunz was opening on the Westside of Atlanta.

The idea of a fresh food fast dim sum restaurant serving bāozi made me downright giddy, because I have a long love affair with all things baozi.

Bāozi, most widely known as bao, are Chinese steamed buns. I actually like to call them edible stuffed pockets of happiness. But I mean you can just call them bao, if you like. 

Discovering Yum Bunz would be serving up bao with modern fillings of yellow curry chicken, Mongolian BBQ, and beef teriyaki made me even more excited to try them out.

After stalking Yum Bunz on Twitter & Facebook, I was glad to receive an invite to their Friends & Family soft opening. 

My first impression of Yum Bunz was they did an amazing job with the space they are in. There is the most kick-ass mural on the wall, communal picnic style seating, intimate booths, and lots of natural sunlight. 

Fresh Bao-Dim Sum-Quick Serve Asian-Chinese Food-Chinese Buns-Baozi-Yum Bunz-Guy Wong-Mike Blum-Chinese Steamed Buns-Atlanta-1

But, I didn’t come there for the decor, I came for the Chinese steamed buns.

Yum Bunz’s bao is definitely modern. I am used to my bāozi with more filling and less dough, and the steamed buns at Yum Bunz reminded me of stuffed marshmallows. 

But, although Yum Bunz’s bao is far from traditional, it still works.

Fresh Bao-Dim Sum-Quick Serve Asian-Chinese Food-Chinese Buns-Baozi-Yum Bunz-Guy Wong-Mike Blum-4

I tried the yellow curry chicken and the Char Sui BBQ Pork bao. The yellow curry chicken did not wow me like I had expected, but I loved the sweetness of the Char Sui BBQ Pork.  

On the side of my two bun combo I received a sweet & sour cucumber salad.

Quick Serve Asian-Chinese Food-Yum Bunz-Guy Wong-Cucumber Salad-Mike Blum-3

Now I have to say the cucumber salad was the highlight of my meal. It did not look like a cucumber salad I normally order, but when I tell you that cucumber salad was soooo off the chain. Mercy!

Like I kinda wanted to do a couple of church runs around Yum Bunz’s picnic tables. 

It was sweet, sour, and had a kick of fire that I wasn’t anticipating at all. The Fresno chili pepper that are in the salad really give you a kick in your mouth. 

I also ordered a Beef Teriyaki Bowl with white rice.

Yum Bunz-Teriyaki-Teriyaki Bowl-Chinese Food-Beef Teriyaki-Guy Wong-Mike Blum-6

Yum Bunz’s Teriyaki sauce is made with honey and brown sugar and the flavoring reminded me of the many quick stop Teriyaki Bowl places in Southern California.

For a minute I was transported back home, and that was a good thing. 

The gluttony did not end there however, my husband and I split an order of pork & chive pot stickers with spicy mustard and Chinese dipping sauce.

I can’t say there was anything that stood out about the pot stickers, because it’s kinda hard to screw up pot stickers. However the pot stickers were definitely worth ordering, and on my next visit back I’ll be sure to order them again.

Quick Serve Asian-Chinese Food-Yum Bunz-Guy Wong-Cucumber Salad-Mike Blum-Potstickers-Dumplings-2

All in all Yum Bunz did not fail me, and owners Guy Wong and Mike Blum did a great job!

Which is good because all that stalking I did for nothing would have sucked.

If you want to try Yum Bunz  for yourself be sure to visit them and find more information on their website.  


XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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Are you looking forward to eating at Yum Bunz ? Please share! 


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Chow Bing Restaurant Review

Chow Bing in the Old Fourth Ward is owned by Gary Lin, the man behind R Rice and Papa Chow.

Gary opened Chow Bing so his kids could have some place healthy to eat, and because he wants to provide delicious and affordable food to nourish his customer’s bodies and appetites.

Gary does not use MSG in the food at Chow Bing, and he uses natural meats that are humanely raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones. 

As someone who loves eating and writing about food I jumped at the invitation to review Chow Bing. 

However, I grasped my pearls when I read Chow Bing’s menu. 

Here’s the thing: I’m a purist when it comes to certain things, and Asian food is one of those things. So when I saw Chow Bing’s menu had items such as Wonton Nachos and Chinese burritos, I let out a loud sigh. 

I mean a General’s Chicken Tenders burrito?! Nawww, son. Naw. I was so not having it. 

Until I ate a bite of Chow Bing’s Wonton Nachos and I was like, “Why in the heck didn’t someone think of this before?! This is genius!” 

Chow Bing-Wonton Nachos-Nachos

Chow Bing’s Wonton Nachos are traditional nachos made with wontons in place of tortilla chips.  

I loved the presentation and the lightness of this appetizer. The wontons are light, flaky, and crispy.

The texture of the wontons, the ingredients in the nachos, and the spicy cilantro sauce drizzled on top make the Wonton Nachos a standout on the Chow Bing menu. 

 Chow Bing-Lobster Philly Wontons-Lobster Wontons-Wontons

The Lobster Philly Wontons were another hit at Chow Bing. The flavor of the lobster is not overpowering, and the house sweet and sour sauce is a perfect accompaniment.

I would love to see more lobster in the wontons, however. 

Chow Bing-Roasted Pork-Bing Roll-Asian Burrito

My husband ordered a Roast Pork Bing. The Roast Pork Bing is a burrito filled with roast pork, vegetables, and white rice.

It’s kinda like a garbage burrito on acid. 

My husband loved the roast pork marinated in Chinese red wine sauce, but he was disappointed in the lack of flavor of the white rice. 

Chow Bing- Organic Tofu-Bing Bowl

I ordered a “build your own” fried rice Bing Bowl.

I built my bing bowl with organic tofu, scallions, grilled onions, chopped peanuts, purple slaw, and pickled carrots.

I’d definitely recommend you forgo the white rice, if you order a Bing Bowl or Bing, and you use a sauce on your fried rice. 

Without sauce my bing bowl was disappointing. However, a generous drizzling of the house sweet & sour sauce made it come alive.

Chow Bing-Boba Tea-Bubble Tea-

Oh, did I mention Chow Bing also has Boba Tea?! Boba Tea made with alcohol, to be exact. 

I ordered a non-alcoholic Mango Pineapple Boba Tea.

I liked my boba tea because it was not sickening sweet, and it had a smooth texture. It was more of a smoothie than a tea, actually.

Unfortunately the tapioca pearls used in the boboa tea were too hard. I prefer my bobas to have a softer consistency. 

Overall I give Chow Bing a thumb’s up and Miss Foode Fab’s stamp of approval. 

I love what Gary is striving to do with his use of all natural ingredients, and I appreciate Gary giving back to the community by employing locals from the area Chow Bing is located.


Are you looking forward to eating at Chow Bing?! 

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab!

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