Night Out Around Atlanta

So what had happened was….. Don’t you love it when a conversation or an apology starts off like that?!

Yeah me neither, but uhm what had really happened was I was a bit of a social busy bee in September. So much so that instead of sharing with you all my September escapades in individual blog posts, I just Instagrammed my patootie off.

However before you start with the, “I don’t follow you on Instagram” speech, I want you to know I got you mannnnn!

Check out my pics from Fashion Night Out Atlanta, Fro Fashion Week, and more!

Fashion Night Out Atlanta, G. Gilbert, Miss Foodie Fab, Bloggers

I had the best time at G. Gilbert’s Fashion Show during Fashion Night Out Atlanta. I met fellow bloggers, caught up with a blogger pal and her friends, and sipped myself silly with wine.

East Atlanta Strut, Miss Foodie Fab, PBR, Pabt Blue Ribbon

The mister & I hit up East Atlanta Strut sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. We ate good, saw a parade full of drag queens, & listened to cool bands. I even spotted a Star War’s storm trooper.

Pretty City, Live Beautifully, Shape Magazine, Miss Foodie Fab, Bloggers, Style Bloggers

Pretty City’s Live Beautifully Event was a blast! There were manicures, pole dancing, massages, wine, food, and all kinds of swag. I had a fabulous time and I can’t wait until they return!

Chickaritas, Kiwi the Beauty, Bloggers, Miss Foodie Fab

I hanged out with my lil sis, Kiwi the Beauty, at her Chickaritas event. Fun times were had sipping margaritas, shopping, and dishing about reality TV with fellow bloggers and friends.

Fall Fro Fashion Week, Natural Hair, Bloggers, Miss Foodie Fab, Curl's Unleashed, Natural Hair Bloggers

Attended the Fall Fro Fashion Week and it was right up my product junkie alley. I scored some great products to try out on my hair, swapped hair tips, and fell in love with Lisa’s hair.

Chef Liu, Dumplings, Green Tea, Noodles, Chinese Pancake, Foodie

After all the running around I did in September, it was time for some me time. I took myself on a date to my favorite ATL Chinese restaurant, and it was worth every bite.

Have you attended Fashion Night Out Atlanta before?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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  • Channing

    Looks like you were off having a good time! And I am following your Instagram now :)

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      I was, and thanks for following my IG.

  • Niki

    Love that photo of us!! (Am I really that short??) and looks like you had a fab September. Hope to run into you again soon! Thanks again for your donation to my Room Service Atlanta project :)

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Ha, yes you are and you are welcome.

  • Baby Shopaholic

    You were out in those streets! Great snaps girl!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Thanks lady!

  • Ticka

    Gurl, you be kickin it!! Love the pics!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      I try in my old age. Thanks, Ticka!

  • Lynn

    Well hellourrr… I made a debut on Foodie Fash!!!!! I’m honored ~ somebody say: AMENNNNNN!!!!! (In my Deacon voice) from bloggers baptist!!!!! Anywho, Gurrrl u have been a BUSY B or shall I say: BUSY D!!!!! Lol!!!

    Can’t you tell i am getting sleepy!!!!! ~Goodnight…. #Gurlbye

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      I. Can. Not. With. You. Helllourrrrr!

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