Lee’s Bakery Restaurant Review

I read about Lee’s Bakery on Buford Highway via Yelp, and because the majority of the reviews were great, I decided to give them a try.

Man, let me just say “they ain’t nevah lied.” The reviews were right on! Best Banh mi ever!

If  Lee’s Bakery wasn’t so far away from my house I would be there now happily munching on a grilled pork bánh mì, instead of telling you about them.

The night after I ate my first Lee’s Bakery bánh mì all I could think was *Homer Simpson voice*, “Yummm Banh miiiiiii!”

So what is a bánh mì? Basically it’s a Vietnamese Po’Boy, or as I would like to now call it, “The crack of all sandwiches.”

A bánh mì is a baguette filled with meat or soy fillings, fresh cucumber slices, cilantro, and pickled carrots.

Of all the bánh mì places on Buford Highway, Lee’s Bakery is the best. My personal favorite is the grilled pork bánh mì.

Oh and did I mention they only charge $2.50 for one to go, and $3 for one ordered in? Yeah, let me not forget that.

You can definitely get your grub on at Lee’s Bakery for cheap.

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On top of bánh mì, Lee’s Bakery also serves a mean bowl of pho and boba tea (or bubble tea). If you go be sure to try the mango boba tea.

Between a bánh mì, bowl of pho, and a boba tea you might need to be waddled out the door. They will fill you up and leave you satisfied.

 Lee's Bakery, Vietnamese food, Pho, foodie

As far as the service, it’s excellent.

The staff is very courteous and, as a person with self-diagnosed OCD, I appreciate that the staff always double bag my orders to make sure there will be no “accidents” in the car from transport.

If you live in or around the Atlanta metro area and haven’t tried this place, please drop what you are doing and go now. Your stomach and your mouth will thank me later.

Unfortunately Lee’s Bakery doesn’t have a website, but you can Google them and they are located at:

4005 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30345
(404) 728-1008

Have you visited Lee’s Bakery?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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  • READERS: She ain’t nevah lied! She took me here as well and it was bangtastic 🙂 We must make it a ATL ritual to come here every time I’m in yo city!

  • Gia

    seriously Dee Dee, if you didn’t make my day every time I visited, I’d have to boycott your blog since the goodies you talk about are out of my reach! 😉 This long-awaited trip to Atlanta will need to be at least 10 days to get in all these lil lovely secrets you share about!

  • I have been waiting for this post just to high five you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lee’s bakery. It is dangerously close to my house and I am addicted to sandwiched and Pho. There are so many local places to compare to but I continuously come back. Not only do they have great bahn mi and pho but they serve great egg rolls, crossiants and smoothies. Thanks for reminding me that I’m heading to Lee’s at some point in the next few days. Great post!

    • Girl, if I’d live closer to them you k ow I’d be there every day!

  • Great review once again Dee Dee. This place sounds like a must try. Its on my list for me and the foodie son of mine to check out. I only have 1 complaint though. Why is the picture so small… you know how I love my food porn. I was so upset I didnt have a large picture to drool over this morning. Im gonna get you for keeping the beauty of it all to yourself.

    • Thank you. I know I know, forgive me. My iPhone pic was not acting right, clearly. Womp Womp.

  • My neighborhood is the “Little Vietnam” of Chicago and there’s a banh mi place right on the corner. I eat there regularly. Super delicious and filling. Yum!

    • So that means we have to stop by if I make it to Blogher! 😉

  • We are new to Atlanta, so are always on the look for great local places. I’ve never had vietnamese food before, but you sure make this place sound tasty. We’re close to Buford, so we’ll def have to stop through!

    • Yes, do. You will love it! It’s one of my favorite things to eat in Atlanta.

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