Mi Cocina Restaurant Review

Mi Cocina is a Tex-Mex restaurant with several locations in Texas and the South East.

Let’s just pause right there.

Tex. Mex. Food.

I mean there is Mexican food, and then there everything else.

In fact, when I saw Mi Cocina was labeled as a Tex-Mex restaurant I was like, “Oh boy here we go, another Tex-Mex restaurant. Blah!”

However, since I had sampled Mi Cocina’s impressive ceviche and tamales at The Taste of Atlanta, I sucked up my dislike for all things Tex-Mex and headed down to Midtown.

When I stepped into Mi Cocina I was taken aback by the decor. Typically when I think of a Tex-Mex restaurant I think of kitschy. Like spurs and cowboy boots dancing from the ceilings.

Ya know, stuff you wouldn’t be caught dead with hanging in your kitchen.

Mi Cocina Tex Mex Restaurant

The decor in Mi-Cocina is definitely not kitschy. Probably due to the fact it’s in Midtown. I mean Midtown don’t play that.

Mi Cocina is bright, sleek, and airy. Oh, and their bathroom is very nice.

Yes, I judge restaurant bathrooms. You will deal.

Fresh Guacamole

I do not care for Mi Cocina’s guacamole. Although it has a great presentation, it needs a bit more zing and salt.

Mi Cocina’s ceviche on the other hand has the perfect amount of sweet and chunky mango, shrimp, fresh avocados, and crunchy jicama. 

Mango Ceviche

The salsa at Mi Cocina is super spicy, with visible chili seeds, and it’s served in individual servings.

Which by the way individual salsa servings is like the smartest thing ever, because I don’t like to share my salsa. Period. 

Chicken Taquitos

Mi Cocina’s Crispy Chicken Verde Enchiladas are actually taquitos, or what some people call flatuas, and they live up to the crispy in their name.

The enchiladas come with a simple side salad, avocado, and Spanish rice that my husband says, “Tasted like it came from a hole in the wall.”

Note, that’s the best compliment ever from a Southern Californian, because Mexican food from Southern-California hole-in-the walls kill. Sometimes, even literally. 

Catch that shade. 

Grilled Chicken Tamales

Mi Cocina’s Grilled Chicken Breast Tamale is essentially a plate of grilled chicken breast served with a sweet corn tamale on the side.

Mi Cocina’s tamales are excellent, and alone they can make a repeat customer out of anyone. The masa has the perfect texture and consistency, and it is very sweet.

Carne Asada

My husband ordered the Carne Asada, also known to gringos as a rib eye steak.  

Mi Cocina’s carne asada is served with a bowl of bean soup, with bits of ham in it, that is so damn good that it reminds me of my grandmother’s brown beans.

I asked my husband if he liked his carne asada, and he said, “I like it.”

Yes, he is a man of many words!

Personally I thought Mi Cocina’s carne asada was a bit too tough. But hey, what do I know?!


Mi Cocina has several options for desert. Pralines and flan were two choices that stood out for me, but when I asked my waiter which to order he enthusiastically said, “The flan!’

Mi Cocina’s flan is probably the best flan I’ve ever had at a restaurant. 

The flan is smooth and velvety on the palate, and it sits delicately on the edge of sweet perfection and sweetness overload.

I confess I did a couple of quick head turns, to make sure no one was looking at me, and slurped the caramel sauce off my plate.

Don’t judge me, Jesus doesn’t like judgers. 

As far as service, it is a bit disjointed. There was some lags in service and getting drink refills, but the staff and management are friendly.

Oh, and ladies there is eye candy up in Mi Cocina, and I don’t mean the candied pralines if ya know what I’m saying. 

If you go I’d suggest going during lunch, because Mi Cocina validates parking for 2 hours. If not, you will pay a whopping $12 to park in the garage. And, that was just for 2 hours.

Let me not fail to mention Mi Cocina has a full bar. 

Mambo Taxi Frozen Margarita

I ordered a Mambo Taxi, a frozen margarita made with Sauza Blanco Tequila and house-made sangria, and for $10 it packs a punch and gives a nice buzz. 

Overall I recommend Mi Cocina in Midtown Atlanta for lunch or dinner, even if they hadn’t comped my meal, and I’ll be back to visit them again for more Mambo Taxis and tamales.


What do you think, will you be visiting Mi Cocina in a city near you?

 XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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  • Add this to the list of places you will be taking me once I arrive…. carry on.

    • Bwhahaha! I love the bossiness. Aye aye Captain, will do!

      • Hahahah I am a bit bossy aren’t I?!?!?! LOL

  • Karen Curtis

    The presentation has this place winning on it’s own. Now you have me in the mood for some tex-mex!

  • Remind me to NEVER read your reviews when I’m hungry. I’m seriously about to grab my coat and head to my Mexican spot. Oh, and I would LOVE individual salsa servings because I am a double dipper and hate when I can’t be. Lovely decor!

    • Ha, I’m a double dipper with salsa too. But only with the mister. Oh, and my mission was accomplished. I live to make folks hungry. 😉

  • Neosha Gee

    Soooo… yeah. I shall be visiting this place when I get back to Atlanta. I love Mexican!

  • Oh….when I come to visit! I know where I want to go!

    • VIv said they have a location in DC now. But you know I will take you on your return visit.

  • The presentation and the decor had me sold! My husband is a big fan of carne asada so I’m glad your husband liked his. Definitely on my must-try list the next time I’m in town.

    • My husband loves carne asada too. It’s his favorite Mexican food. Let me know how your visit is.

  • foodfashionandflow

    Seriously hungry after reading this. I love the presentation of their food and me being a native Californian, I love Mexican food! I love reading your reviews, you ar so hilarious, LOL

    • Yes, girl! Cali natives love Mexican food. And, thank you! Can’t wait to come home for some real grub.