How to Rock Tribal Prints

*Jumps up and down and waves* Hey hey heyyyyyyy, were you looking for me?! No?! Well dag you didn’t have to say it so quickly. Let a sistah down easy.

Fine then, let me make it up to you with some grade A Miss Foodie Fab foolery. Andddd……action!

Running man, Follery, Miss Foodie Fab

You ain’t know about my running man, yo?!

You feel better now, you took the hate out your heart?! We good?! Did you get your woo woo woo on?!

Yes, you did. Don’t deny it. You still love me!

Fall is here as you know. Le. Boo. I’m not a fan of Fall. I’m a summer girl all day! It pains me to have to put away my maxi dresses and flip-flops every year.

So of course I had to enjoy the last days of the nice weather we had in Atlanta by breaking out my sandals and MC Hammer pants, or at least that’s what the mister calls them, one last time.

Every time I rock my Forever 21 tribal print pants the mister makes me do the Hammer dance. He’s such a hater on my fashion sense. Bless his heart. I’m convinced that is grounds for separation, but whatever.

Now y’all know I don’t do outfit posts, per say, but I do love getting my snap and pose on.

Ohhh and Bitzie, my hair, was very happy and manic that day so I decided she needed to be seen.

It’s amazing how hair can be bipolar. Some days she can be all, “I need some Cymbalta” then the next day she’s all, “Trick, I’m fabulous!” I’ve learned to let her just do what she do.

Tribal Print Pants

Tribal Print Pants & Tee: Forever 21, Sandals: Target, Accessories: Gifted

The mister was looking kinda cute that day as well so I turned the camera around on him.

Tee: Target, Jeans: Gifted, Kicks: K-Swiss


How do you like my tribal print pants?

XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab! 

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  • Gia

    Giiiirrrrllll you are hilarious!! Hubster’s fave thing to hate on is not in my closet, it’s on my head! yup. you know how we roll- Side Show Bobby style.
    I would never have given your pants a 2nd look on the rack but you are for sure rocking it! You werkin it h2T!! (in my best Tyra voice)

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      LOL at Side Show Bobby style. Thanks, Gia!

  • Lynn

    Gurrrl, I done fell out the chair and almost posses my pants!!!!! You are all kinds of comedy and I LOVE IT!!!!!

    Loving the outfit… Those pants are EVERYTHING!!!!! I’m totally digging the Mister outfit too! I personally want his Tee!

    As for me… I’m silently bipolar when it comes to cooler weather. I can’t think, clean or cook! When it’s cold I don’t be wanting to do NOTHING!!!! Soooo… I’m NOT ready, no no way no how!!!!


    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Girl, yes. I loathe the cold. Straight hibernation mode right now. Thanks for the compliments!

  • JustPerfectBeauty (@jstprfectbeauty)

    hey–new reader here! such a funny post! i’m with you on the summer all the way thing–i’m an august baby so warm weather is my thing. your outfit is too cute–why your hubby hate on the pants?!? (he just has no sense of fashion…LOL!) his look is pretty fly also and his expression is just “too kewl”! blessings

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      So glad you discovered the blog. Thank you, and I agree with all you said. I love warm weather too.

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    Bhahahahaha you are a fine nut! I love those pants tho, so cute!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Ha, a fine nut. Love it! Thanks!

  • Moe

    I am dying!

    and I’m loving the MC Hammer pants!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Thanks, Moe!

  • jaiepicure

    The action pics of dance moves are HILARIOUS!!! And did I mention the cuteness of black love from one of my fave couples!!!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Awww, thanks Jai!

  • Tia

    Dee…you are a plum fool! I was dying, looking at the action shots. I like the pants, your DH doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      That’s what I’m saying Thanks, Tia.

  • Your Unexpected Beauty (Yolanda)

    You are too much! My hubby hated when I went through a cropped shrug phase, he said he felt like I was trying to hide behind it. Eventually I stopped wearing them because I WAS using them to hide my arms and at the same time it was making my boobs and waistline look even bigger. Should’ve listened to him sooner on that one.

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Girl, those cropped shrug. Yes, they are not for the well endowed. I wish I knew that too.

  • A Sassy Woman

    You are so silly!! lol Cute outfit mama :)

    With Love,

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Thanks, Ashley!

  • Windy City Mama

    Love the pants! I’m hating on ATL’s “fall” where you can still wear sandals.

    My husband doesn’t say a word. I know when he approved because he showers me with compliments. If ladies are complimenting me, it’s probably not for him. Oh wells.

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Yes, how funny is that. If they love it, they say it. Otherwise…nada. Thanks!

  • marieyoung

    Girl, my sweaters. He always calls them granny sweaters. I’m like “do they sell hooker sweaters?!?!?” Isn’t that like an oxymoron or something?!?!? You and the mister look AWESOME!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Thank you! I literally almost dies at “do they sell hooker sweaters?!?!?” Isn’t that like an oxymoron or something?!?!? Now that is funny!

  • joyandsunshine

    Like Ms. Young above, my hubby hates on my cardis (AKA granny sweaters) to no end. And print mixing. Plus, no matter how many times I explain that they’re called “harem pants,” he STILL calls them hammer pants. Maybe it’s just a guy thing…. Great post and pics of the cute couple!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      What?! These men just don’t know fashion. Thanks!

  • Erin Whitlock Brown (

    You and these darn gifs are going to be the death of me! Love the pants, chica! And happy to see you back. You’ve inspired me to get back on my grind!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Thanks, Erin. Girl, blogging sho nough is a struggle.

  • Soo Soo Tasty

    I have and can’t get up! You are a messsss. I love love love the dancing and the including of hubby. I really enjoy your blog realness;) Tastefully SoSo

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Thanks so much, So!

  • Shea

    You are too funny! I love your tribal pants and awesome running man pics. My BF hates maxi dresses, he says that I shouldn’t let them drag the ground which I do, lol. He always tells me there you go wearing one of those “dirty dresses” you love so much! lol.

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      I love maxi dresses, love! Thanks, Shea!

  • threadinducedeuphoria

    I LOVE those pants!!! very cute!!! And I think men have a completely different fashion sense than women!! I hear complaints all the time that I wear grandma outfits with stripper shoes…I beg to differ but oh well!! Wear what you feel comfortable in :)

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Grandma outfits with stripper shoes, love it. Thanks!

  • EbonyCPrincess

    Pure comedy! I love the pants, I’d steal em if I could. And as for the hubby, girl I LIVE for a good ethnocentric t-shirt!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Thanks, and me too. I would rock his shirt if I could.

  • Toy

    I Love your Hammer dance in your hammer pants!! You did that!! That graphic is super cool. And kudos to Forever 21 one of my favs. I love those sandals too!! #Ubettawerk

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Thanks Toy.

  • Katy (aka Savvy in the City)

    Look at all the commenting going on here! You are blowing up the blogosphere, girl!
    Good to see you Wednesday night – keep up the blogging and hope to see you soon!

    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Ha, thank you! It was great seeing you too, always a pleasure. Hope to see you soon as well.

  • Lace N Leopard

    I SWEAR you are HILARIOUS!! Love the pants boo :)


    • Miss Foodie Fash

      Thanks, Tiff!

  • foodfashionandflow (@FoodfashinFlow)

    You always make me smile:-) I love your pants. Very cute! I used to be a summer girl, but after living somewhere that used to get into triple digits all summer, well, it made me appreciate fall a whole lot more. I think I love spring because the weather is perfect and everything is blooming. I have to get back on twitter and on our BLM conversations. I have been so busy, I am not online as much these days.

    • Miss Foodie Fab

      Yes, please come hand out with us sometimes. I miss your online presence. Thanks so much on the compliments, glad I can make you smile.

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