Sun in My Belly Restaurant Review

A while back my blogger boo Monet from Curls and Mo came to visit Atlanta, and while she was visiting I planned a brunch for  ourselves and several other Atlanta bloggers at Sun in My Belly. 

Sun in My Belly had been on my Yelp bookmark list for a while and I was glad to be able to check it off my long list of places to eat in Atlanta. 

Parking at Sun in My Belly is a bit hard on the weekends because it is in a residential area and your choices are either street parking or parking in the lot behind Sun in My Belly. And if you don’t know exactly where Sun in My Belly is located and you blink, you’ll miss the minuscule sign at the top of the restaurant. 

Also, Sun in My Belly is serious about their reservations. If you aren’t on time they will kindly call you and let you know your reservation will be canceled. However they are more than accommodating to make sure you are seated as soon as possible. 

I ordered Sun in My Belly’s Belly Benedict which is a twist on the traditional Eggs Benedict. The Belly Benedict is two poached eggs with chipotle hollandaise sitting atop a sweet potato and honey glazed bacon hash and sautéed spinach, served with a buttermilk biscuit.  

Sun in My Belly Brunch

Although the hollandaise sauce was supposed to be made with chipotle, I didn’t taste a hint of heat. That was rather disappointing because one of the reasons I ordered the Belly Benedict is I love anything made with chipotle. 

Also, I didn’t detect the honey glazed bacon in the hash. By now you know I love bacon so that was definitely a fail for me. I would prefer if Sun in My Belly used thicker chunks of bacon. Whatever bacon they did use got lost in the shuffle of the hash. 

However the combination of the spinach and sweet potatoes was spectacular, and the poached eggs were perfect. 

I plan to recreate this dish at home in the future, but I’ll be sure to use a thick cut of bacon in my version of the Belly Benedict. 

Eggs Benedict with a twist.

Whenever I look for places to eat in Atlanta for brunch one of my must requirements is a place that has affordable mimosas, because ya know I like sipping on a budget.

Trina, of the Baby Shopaholic, and I split a carafe of mimosas. The carafe was less than $20 and came with a full bottle of champagne. For the price of their mimosas alone I give Sun in My Belly a thumbs up as one of the brunch places to eat in Atlanta.

The mimosas definitely put smiles on the faces of Trina and I! 

Blogger Brunch at Sun in My Belly

Service was okay at Sun in My Belly. Our waitress seemed more interested in getting details on Monet’s hair than making sure we had everything we needed at our table. At one point I had to get up and find my own hot sauce after a prolonged wait. But other than that, our waitress was pleasant. 

I forgot to take pics of the decor, but Sun in My Belly’s decor and atmosphere is hip and jazzy.

Customers looked like they were Team Brunch Hard elites, and the sound system was cranking out the best oldies from The Temptations and more.

Sun in My Belly is definitely one of the places to eat in Atlanta that you put a little effort in you attire to enjoy bites and sips with friends, and I had a blast at my blogger brunch with these beauties. 

Blogger Brunch at Sun in My Belly


Have you been to Sun in My Belly yet?


XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab!   

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  • Omg that food looks ALMOST as good as all of you ladies! I love congregating with my fellow blogger boo’s too. I hope you all really enjoyed each other!

  • You always pick the best places Dee! Love you!

  • Dang…I want it! Looks so good!

    • We will have to hit them up when you come back in 2015. 😉

  • That looks SO good! Y’all look great! 🙂

  • I HATE it when I order something at a restaurant and it’s not as it’s been described on the menu. The missing chipotle and the bacon would have left me disappointed too BUT the mimosas probably would have had me tipsy enough to not care, LOL! It looks great and I know your recreation will be delish!

    • Thank you. Yes, I hate when I order something and it comes out otherwise. That always royally sucks!