The Olde Kitchen Restaurant Review

Apprehension, table shaking, and falling out. Six words that come to mind on my reflection of brunch at The Olde Kitchen.

My cousin was in town over the weekend and she asked I take her to The Olde Kitchen, because she had seen the restaurant profiled on The Chew.

I quickly checked out Yelp reviews of The Olde Kitchen and found there weren’t many reviews. In addition to few reviews, one review mentioned a long wait time, poor service, and bad food. That’s when the apprehension set in.

However my cousin wanted to try The Olde Kitchen out, so try it out we did.

When we arrived at The Olde Kitchen I was struck by how tiny the restaurant was. There was an upstairs and downstairs, but the upstairs area reminded me more of an attic than a complete upstairs floor.

The Olde Kitchen-The Olde Kitchen Atlanta-Atlanta Brunch Restaurants-Castleberry Hills Restaurants-Southern Style Restauants-Atlanta Brunch Spots

I definitely got a feel of the South from The Olde Kitchen. There were fresh flowers  at each table, and the tabletops were covered in old-time red checkered plastic tablecloths. Drinks were served in Mason jars, as was the sugar, and each table had honey bears and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

The Olde Kitchen-The Olde Kitchen Atlanta-Atlanta Brunch Restaurants-Castleberry Hills Restaurants-Atlanta Brunch Spots-Mason Jars

The restaurant had hardwood floors from wall to wall, and there was a country themed mural on the wall with wood doors surrounding it.

The Olde Kitchen-The Olde Kitchen Atlanta-Atlanta Brunch Restaurants-Castleberry Hills Restaurants-Atlanta Brunch Spots

When my cousin and I approached the front desk we were promptly told there would be a long wait and that the restaurant was busy. I asked how long the wait may be, and the waitress said about 30 minutes. I thought to myself, “Well that isn’t so bad, even thought my blood sugar is on stank.” I asked the waitress if she could give my cousin and I some bread while we waited, and she gladly obliged.

From the time we were seated, minus the waitress giving us a complimentary plate of toast, The Olde Kitchen was nothing but shenanigans. The service, although very courteous, was horribly disconnected. It took about 30 minutes for the waitress to take our order, and our food arrived at our table over an hour later.

I won’t mention how my food came out before my cousin. Or how I had to send my order back to be reheated, because there was such a large amount of time between my complete order arriving and my cousin’s order arriving.

I ordered a waffle plate with skillet potatoes, scrambled eggs, and a side of veggie sausage. My waffle came out with the eggs, but my potatoes and sausage arrived at the table about 15 minutes later. Oh, and did I mention we both had to ask for syrup and butter to be brought to the table, even  thought we both ordered waffles?! Yes, shenanigans.

The Olde Kitchen-The Olde Kitchen Atlanta-Atlanta Brunch Restaurants-Atlanta Waflles-Castleberry Hills Restaurants-Atlanta Brunch Spots

By the time my cousin’s food arrived I was ready to shake the table like K. Michelle.

Now this is the part where I fell all the way out. I explained ever so nicely to the waitress that the arrival of the food was unacceptable, and why. Our waitress said, “Yep, trust me I agree. That’s why I’m quitting today.” I mean I was not ready for all that. I immediately threw up both my arms and fell back laughing.

As far as the food, for The Olde Kitchen to be a black owned restaurant you sure would not know it. The food is bland with a capital B. My cousin ordered the chicken and waffle and commented her chicken did not have enough season on it. My skillet potatoes were undercooked, my medium eggs were overcooked, and both were flavorless. Even the sweet tea was poor, and it was more tea than sweet.

The Olde Kitchen-The Olde Kitchen Atlanta-Atlanta Brunch Restaurants-Atlanta Chicken & Waflles-Castleberry Hills Restaurants-Chicken & Waffles-Atlanta Brunch Spots

The Olde Kitchen is also in a section of Atlanta that is known to switch out business faster, and more often, than a street walker changes underwear. And, you know that’s pretty darn fast and often. I mean I love Castleberry Hill, but rarely do businesses last there. Sadly, I think The Olde Kitchen will be one of the restaurants that fall to the Castleberry Hill curse.

Overall, The Olde Kitchen is not a restaurant I can see returning to.

The restaurant has a great decor. But in terms of food and service, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Have you ever had a dining experience like The Olde Kitchen?

 XOXO, Miss Foodie Fab!

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  • Dang that’s crazy to hear. Why was that place even featured on The Chew? I always want to try different places when I’m back home in Atlanta but reviews like this keep me going to the same ole places over and over. I saw a diner featured on the Food Network during Diners Drive-Ins and Dives that I’d love to try on my next visit home. The Decor of Olde Kitchen was cute. Unfortunately, you probably would have had better service and food at a Waffle House. (which I’m not knocking cuz I love a good All Star breakfast LOL)

    • Girl, I wondered the same dang thing. What was the diner called? Please share. Oh, and I am here for Waffle House all day!

      • It’s called The Silver Skillet. The reviews for it on Food Network’s site weren’t great but the show made it look so good. Have you heard of this place?

        • I’m not sure. It does sound familiar, however. Thanks for sharing. I will have to check it out.

          • Joy and Sunshine

            Bad service AND not great food?! That’s SO unfortunate! Haven’t been, but I think SS is near Tech and 14th St Antiques.

          • Right. At least one could have been good. The waitress was actually very good, but the service in general definitely was subpar.

  • Wow… do you forget Syrup and Butter even if you’r quitting? I mean do you not care about life? That’s sad dot com…how do you mess up Fried Chicken??I have so many questions…

  • Well…. This really shows you the power of food reviews, because I don NOT want to eat there after reading this. LOL at bland with a capital B!!!!

    • Who you telling?! One bad review can make you have a firm no in your heart!

  • Kay Mines

    I come here to see how food will be before trying a restaurant and I always lose focus while I’m reading your posts. You are so funny that I can’t even stand it.

    • Thanks, K! I need to return to my restaurant reviews, that is one of my favorite things (eating and sharing my experience with others).